GG mlg hax0r m@N.

Yes. Because putting beastailty and spamming the light troops chat link on the most mlg news site ever really makes me want to join LT. gg no re

Top Ten: S/M Armies that will reach major standards this Summer [Part One]

Ah, summertime. These few months can bring so many surprises. Armies that had been dead for months or even years will return in an attempt to regain their former glory. Now, here is a list I have created to show which armies will receive all the glory. Which armies will rise?

10:The Illuminazi Tits of War


Narrowly making their way onto the Top Ten is the Illuminazi Tits of War, led by yours truly. This army has shown off decent performances in their first generation, but their second one is where it’s at. The Illuminazi Tits of War have basically doubled their sizes since their first gen and are hoping to get to CPAC very very very soon. With a name like that, and Betty White as their mascot? Hell, these guys can do anything! These sexy beasts could max 90+ instantly!!

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Top Ten Armies: 04/26/15

Holy fucking shit. 8th place? That means we’re like..better than 8 armies that are so shit, that they are completely irrelevant and should be forgotten. (Except Striking Raiders, they’re pretty legit…and maybe the hippos….) (I only said the hippos because they scare me 😦 )

SM Army Press

SHERBET, SM Army Press Headquarters-  This weekend we see the end of our Spring Showdown tournament with only two armies continuing later today competing for the title of Champion. With that, we bring you this week’s Top Ten!

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